Hello World

Hello and welcome to my blog.

It has been almost a year and half since I finished my studies. Since then, I have been away from academia; working in industry. I wanted to start a blog to collect my thoughts around data visualization and scientific communications. I would like this to be an outlet/repository for my thoughts, a space where I can come to and talk about things I am interested in.

Being away from academia, I rarely have the chance to discuss things that focus on R&D. Also, finding time to write and consolidate my thoughts is becoming rarer. This is my attempt to change this!

Rework, a book by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, was my inspiration for writing. I know it is very cliche, but this book changed the way I work. Also, I really liked their writing style: very concise and well structured. So, their writing style is my inspiration and target.

I plan to write around topics including data visualization and scientific communication, and to write reviews on books I read and online courses I take.